Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This mosque is the biggest attraction in Abu Dhabi. It is the biggest and by far most impressive mosque in the United Arab Emirates, even Dubai is promoting itself with this building. This beautiful building might look like an ancient palace, a bit like Taj Mahal, but the buildings was completed as late as in 2008. It is located in the Southeast outskirts of Abu Dhabi. It is one of very few mosques that can be visited by tourists in the UAE. The building was constructed from materials from around the world to "unite the world", for example China, Italy and New Zealand. There is also information on different languages. The world's 3rd largest chandelier is located inside, as well as the world's largest carpet.

Women have to wear a headscarf and cover their arms, but it can be worth it to see this magnificent building. Abajas can be borrowed at the entrance. For men there didn't seem to be any specific rules.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque was completed in 2008. The tallest minaret is 115 m high.

The pound in front of the mosque, that was initiated by Sheikh Zayed.

The entrance. Sheikh Zayed Mosque almost looks like a wedding cake with its white exterior.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque   The mosque is situated close to the airport
  The mosque is situated close to the airport

Cupolas of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque   The entrance to the mosque
  115m tall minaret

Special symmetrical patterns can be found.


The courtyard

The courtyard

There are seven large chandeliers inside the mosque!


Floor decoration

The courtyard

The 3rd largest chandelier in the world, and the largest inside a mosque, was imported from Germany and has Swarovski crystals.


Details of the chandelier's Svarovski crystals

Decorations at the world's largest carpet, made by Iran's carpet company


The entrance to the mosque   The entrance hall of the mosque
  The entrance hall of the mosque

Decorations inside the mosque   Marble columns   World's largest carpet

The Main Prayer Hall.


Main Prayer Hall

Main Prayer Hall



Stained glass at the windows.


One of the seven chandeliers

Palm blade decorations

World's largest carpet  

Blueish and black cloud shadows at the cupolas on top. At night projections of clouds reflect the phase of the moon, thanks to an advanced lighting system.

The courtyard   The interior
  Loudspeakers for call for prayers