Marina area and Emirates Palace

This page is about the Al Marina area, just next to downtown. Here you find the Presiential Palace, that is under construction and is planned to be the largest residential building in the world, Emriates Palace, one of the world's few "7-star hotel" (all of them in UAE), the Etihad Towers skyscraper complex, the supertall Adnoc HQ, luxury yachts, the world's second largest flagpole and the large Marina Mall with its observation tower. The Marina is surrounded by water with a shoreline along Corniche Lake, and you can find a part of the beach promenade Corniche Road there.


The flagpole is the second tallest in the world (world's tallest before a pole in Baku was completed in 2007). It is 122m tall and was rised to mark the nation's 30th national day in 2001.


The Presidential Palace, under construction during our visit in 2014, is planned to be the largest and most expensive residential building in the world. It is expected to cost $490 000 000! It will be located at the sea, right next to the Emirates Palace. The complex consist of a main palace, smaller palaces, villas and other buildings.

Presidential Palace   Presidential Palace, rendering   Presidential Palace



The Emirates Palace Hotel. A visit to this "7 star" (officially 5 star) hotel was planned initially, but had to be cancelled because the Royal family was visiting the hotel during our stay in Abu Dhabi! The hotel opened in 2005.

Emirates Palace was one of the world's most expensive hotels to build, it costed $6 billion! It has 114 domes that are up to 80 m high, 1.3km of private beach and 85 hectars of gardens, 2 swimming pools, tennis courts and more.


Emirates Palace has 302 rooms and 92 suites, much in gold and marble.

Emirates Palace   Emirates Palace
  Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace and the beach of Heritage Village.


A theater in Middle Eastern style, is situated at the edge of the peninsula next to Heritage Village.


The world's second tallest flagpole

The world's highest skybridge at Nationa Towers

Corniche Road at Al Marina, Marina Mall and Marina Mall Tower


Our tour van, parked at Corniche Road.

Hotel complex and mast close to the Marina




Marina Mall with its over 400 stores and the 100m tall Marina Mall Tower.


Outside the entrance to Marina Mall, where the tour bus took us to have diner (a nice pizza) in its food court.

Marina Mall opened in 2001. Besides the circular tower, the mall has 122 000 m² of retail space with over 400 stores on four levels, an ice rink, a multiplex movie complex, several restaurants, a food court, musical fountains and a Carrefour supermarket.


Marina Mall Tower has a circular observation platform on the top.

Marina Mall has fancy interiors with faked skies.

Marina Mall


Musical fountain

Marina Mall





ADNOC Headquarters (342m, u/c, expected completion in 2014) Etihad Towers (five towers from 2011 up to 305m)


ADNOC Headquarters, u/c

Etihad Towers, five glass towers from 2011 with hotels and offices. The tallest one is Tower2, 305m tall with 77 floors and an observation deck on the 75th floor. Tower 1 has a Jumeirah hotel. The bronze glass highrise to the right is Bab Al Qasr Hotel, under construction.


Etihad Towers are designed to resemble an open hand from above

Etihad Towers and Bab Al Qasr Hotel

Etihad Towers, designed by DBI Design.   Etihad Towers
  Etihad Towers, Bab Al Qasr Hotel