Odaiba (Daiba) Island

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Odaiba (Daiba) is an artificial island, built in the 1850s for defensive purposes where you find the Port of Tokyo. Daiba formally refers to one district of the island development in Minato Ward. Odaiba is connected with Minato ward in central Tokyo with the beautiful suspension bridge called the Rainbow Bridge, built in 1993. It is 798m long and a famous landmark with its 126m high towers.

On Odaiba Island you find the high tech 25-storey Fuji TV Building by Kenzo Tange, with its globe and external escalators (built in 1993), the Odaiba Statue of Liberty (lower then the one in New York), a high ferris wheel, Galleria Grand, Aqua City and other malls, restaurants, nightclubs, luxury hotels and Tokyo Big Sight, a futuristic exhibition building complex (built in 1996) that will be used during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.  Tokyo has a busy port, opened in 1941, but the one in nearby Yokohama is even more important. Yakatabunes (privately owned Japanese boats) can be seen illuminated on Tokyo Bay at night.

We entered Odaiba Island with the driverless metro train that goes through the Rainbow Bridge, a rollercoaster like ride with nice views! When looking at the Odaiba Statue of Liberty (a smaller version of the one in New York), Rainbow Bridge and the skyline, one might assume that you are looking at Manhattan. It was very pleasant watching this view from Odaiba, especially during sunset and after dark.

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge from the metro Rainbow Bridge from the metro Rainbow Bridge 01 Rainbow Bridge 02 Rainbow Bridge 04 Rainbow Bridge 05 Rainbow Bridge at sunset Rainbow Bridge at sunset Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower Rainbow Bridge 17 Rainbow Bridge 18 Fuji TV Building 14 Fuji TV Building 15 Fuji TV Building 16 Fuji TV Building 17 Fuji TV Building 18 Fuji TV Building 19 Metro train views 01 Metro train views 02 Metro train views 03 Metro train views 04 Metro train views 05 Metro train views 06 Metro train views 07 Metro train views 08 Metro train views 09 Metro train views 10 Metro train views 11 Odaiba Island 70 Hilton, Grand Nikko Odaiba Island 74 Odaiba Island 76 Odaiba Island 77 Odaiba Island 80 Rainbow bridge, Minato ward
Skytree from Odaiba Island Odaiba panorama Odaiba Statue of Liberty 05 Odaiba Statue of Liberty 06 Odaiba Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge Odaiba Statue of Liberty 02 Odaiba Statue of Liberty 03 Odaiba Statue of Liberty 04 Fuji TV Building Fuji TV Building Fuji TV Building 01 Fuji TV Building 02 Fuji TV Building 03 Fuji TV Building 04 Fuji TV Building 05 Fuji TV Building 06 Fuji TV Building 07 Fuji TV Building 08 Fuji TV Building 09 Fuji TV Building 10 Fuji TV Building 11 Fuji TV Building 12 Fuji TV Building 13 Rainbow Bridge 06 Rainbow Bridge 07 Rainbow Bridge 08 Rainbow Bridge 09 Rainbow Bridge 10 Aqua City Odaiba 01 Aqua City Odaiba 02 Aqua City Odaiba 03 Aqua City Odaiba 04 Aqua City Odaiba 05 Aqua City Odaiba 06 Aqua City Odaiba 07 Odaiba illumination Tokyo Bay night view 01 Tokyo Bay night view 02 Tokyo Bay night view 03 Tokyo Bay night view 04 Tokyo Bay night view 05 Tokyo Bay night view 06 Tokyo Bay night view 07 Tokyo Bay night view 08 Tokyo Bay night view 09 Tokyo Bay night view Tokyo Bay night view 10 Tokyo Bay night view 11 Tokyo Bay night view 12 Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower Odaiba Island