Old Town: Drottninggatan, Tyska Torget

- German Square, Queen Street, Rådhuset, Town Hall, Hedvigs Kyrka, St Olai Kyrka, Hörsalen, Trädgårdsgatan, Spiralen, Linden, Domino

Tyska Torget (German Square) is the main square in the city. Here you find the impressive Town Hall (Norrköpings Rådhus, built 1907-10), massive in size with its 68m high brick tower with a clock and a golden statue of St Olof and Hedvigs Kyrka, a church built in 1673 for the German inhabitnats. From there Drottninggatan (Queen Street) continues as the main shopping street with several department stores, three shopping malls (Linden, Spiralen and Domino), special shops, fastfood chains and restaurants, many housed in beautiful historical buildings. The church St Olai Kyrka (inaugurated 1767) is a main sight, a yellow baroque building with a campanile (city clock tower) in the same style. Norrköpings Hörsal, at Hörsalsparken, is a baroque concert building that used to house St Johannes Church, now in a larget neo-gothic building. The lower part of Drottningg is less beautiful with 60s modernist buildings and malls. Norrköping is known for its yellow and orange trams, many quite old. It is one of only three cities in Sweden that has trams (Gothenburg and Stockholm are the other ones). Drottninggatan is trafficated by many of these trams. Parts of Norrköping are quite hilly, so is a part Drottninggatan and its surroundings. Cobbed streets, many nice restaurants and trams creates a nice atmosphere at Drottninggatan.

Tyska Torget -  Town Hall, Rådhuset Tyska Torget 01 Tyska Torget 02 - Grand Hotel Tyska Torget 03 - Town Hall, Rådhuset Town Hall, Rådhuset Tyska Torget 06- Town Hall, Rådhuset Tyska Torget 05 - Hedvigs Kyrka Tyska Torget 07 - Hedvigs Kyrka Hedvigs Kyrka (St Hedvigs Church) Tyska Torget 09 Tyska Torget 10 Tyska Torget 11 Tyska Torget 12 - Grand Hotel, Town Hall Tyska Torget 13 Tyska Torget 14 - Town Hall, Rådhuset Tyska Torget 15  Central Norrköping 40 - Town Hall Drottninggatan/Trädgårdsgatan Drottninggatan 03 - Town Hall Drottninggatan 04 Drottninggatan 05 Drottninggatan 06 Drottninggatan 07 Drottninggatan 08 Drottninggatan 09 Drottninggatan 10 Drottninggatan 11 Drottninggatan 12 - Pasta restaurant Drottninggatan 13 Drottninggatan 14 Drottninggatan 15 Drottninggatan 17 -  St Olais Tower Drottninggatan 18 Drottninggatan 19 Drottninggatan 20 - St Olai Kyrka  St Olai Kyrka  St Olai Kyrka  St Olai Kyrka Drottninggatan 24 Drottninggatan 25 - Hörsalen Drottninggatan 26 Drottninggatan 27 Drottninggatan 28 - Norrköpings Hörsal Drottninggatan 29 - Hörsalsparken Drottninggatan 30 - Hörsalsparken Drottninggatan 31 Drottninggatan 32 Drottninggatan 33 Drottninggatan 34 Drottninggatan 35 Drottninggatan 36 - Spiralen mall Drottninggatan 37 Drottninggatan 38 - Linden mall Drottninggatan 39 Drottninggatan 40 Drottninggatan 41